A Moment in San Francisco. Photo by Veronica Weber

A Moment in San Francisco. Photo by Veronica Weber


Halley ‘Hals’ Elwell

Originally from Hallowell, Maine, Elwell earned her degree in Jazz and African American Music Studies from the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she studied under Catherine Jensen-Hole (Nora Jones), gospel singer Horace Boyer, and NEA Jazz Master Sheila Jordan. It was Sheila Jordan who encouraged her to seek out jazz vocalist and educator Kitty Margolis when Elwell moved to San Francisco after college.

Under the tutelage of Margolis' musical and business wisdom, Elwell released her first album, Last Spring, in 2011 and earned an ASCAP award for her original work, Nobody Bothers Me. She performed regularly in intimate clubs in San Francisco while continuously honing her songwriting craft through classes at the Blue Bear School of Music with Bonnie Hayes. At the encouragement of Hayes, Halley began recording her own vocals and producing and joined the Nashville Songwriters Association, which earned her accolades from the organization as a Writer on the Rise and One to Watch. Her songs have enjoyed national airplay.

In 2016, Elwell moved to Massachusetts to continue her music career and concentrate on teaching while being closer to family. She currently teaches voice and beginning piano at Band Gig School of Music and performs in and around Boston.





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